4 Actionable Pointers to Maximize Your Video Content Strategy

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Video content is now undeniably more powerful than ever. For a brand to thrive in any industry, especially in hard-to-penetrate markets like B2B, it is inevitable that they leverage video content in some form.

However, as we are well past the introductory stage in video content, it is no longer sufficient to produce a mediocre video for your brand and call it a day. It has to be backed by a strong and sensible content strategy, produced highly creatively, and most importantly, optimized for each platform you use.

As a team of seasoned experts in video production Chicago, we have been able to create click-worthy video content in many forms for several brands in the country. For the same reason, we know what gets viewers to click in and spend a reasonable time watching a brand video.

Hence, here is a list of 4 actionable tips that you can incorporate easily, to maximize your video content strategy.

Add life to your videos with out-of-the-box ideas

At the peak of the video content era today, viewers no longer have the patience or the interest to sit through a video that looks, sounds, and feels boring. Hence, think out of the box and explore new ways to make your videos interesting. It could be a different narrative style, a different shooting style, a different concept, a unique thought executed in video form, etc. Don’t hesitate to use unconventional ideas, such as mixing humor with your niche, using a character, and so on; the idea is to give your viewers a reason to watch. Be as creative as you can be with video content.

Use Captions

Research says that a majority of users consume video content through mobile devices. This means that there is a good chance your viewers will watch without the sound on, as many of them watch content when they are on the go, or in public. Hence, adding captions or subtitles to your video is necessary. Consider, adding embedded captions or closed captions to your videos depending on the platform. You can also use the auto-generated captions feature available on platforms like IG.

This will not only help convey the content of your video to everyone who is watching, without relying on the voiceover or sound but will also aid in indexing for SEO. Search engines mostly crawl text content, and adding a captions file helps greatly. Our experts in video production in Chicago also use other strategies to boost SEO for your video.

Use a pillar video and derive other formats

Considering all the platforms that your brand is actively using, it can be difficult to create separate and fresh videos for all, consistently. To remedy that, create a pillar piece of video content and extract other forms of video for different platforms from it. For example, shoot a 15-minute video, with strategically induced pauses or breaks and extract shorter videos from it, for platforms like Instagram, and YouTube shorts. You can also transcribe the video and turn it into a text-based blog for a reading format. This helps create video content easily and faster, for different platforms, helping you stay more consistent.

Rely on AI for less creative tasks

There is a plethora of AI-infused tools for video today, such as for shooting, editing, rewriting, generating graphics, generating thumbnails, etc. As much as possible, rely on these tools to save time, and focus on more creative tasks like coming up with new concepts and ideas. Consider your AI tools as your interns and delegate duties like cutting out fillers and redundant clips, rewriting a script, generating captions, creating thumbnail graphics, etc., and make your work faster.

Wrapping up

While it may seem challenging to create consistent creatively superior video content for your brand, taking care of little details like these can immensely accelerate your process, and improve the effectiveness of the output. Keep these pointers in mind for your next video and watch the metrics blow up.

For more such tips, and professional video production or strategizing services, contact K3video Production Chicago.

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