A Cleaner Way To Smoke Weed

Beginners and cannabis connoisseurs can enjoy weed using contemporary techniques like dabbing and vaporizing, as well as more conventional ones like smoking joints or blunts. Selecting the right smoking method can be challenging if this is your first experience with using cannabis products. You may have heard that smoking from a bong is healthy since it removes hazardous impurities. Or maybe you’ve read somewhere that vaping weed is better than smoking it, and that dabbing is the best method to do it. Well, there are safer options to take into consideration. But, there isn’t a clear-cut answer when it comes to determining the most clean and safe way.

As relaxing and therapeutic as getting high can be, you should be aware that cannabis smoke, like cigarette smoke, includes tar and toxic compounds that can lead to respiratory issues. However, you can reduce the risk associated with developing health problems by becoming acquainted with a few methodologies and effective techniques to smoke weed. Whether you purchase the products separately at a store or get monthly weed subscription boxes at your doorstep, it is important to follow some guidelines to maintain your well-being while immersing yourself in a recreational experience.  

Clean Ways to Smoke Weed    

  • Use a Carbon Filter

You can use an activated carbon filter when smoking from a bong, blunt, or joint. Maximizing the ratio of THC to tar in smoke that reaches the lungs is the primary objective when it comes to minimizing the harm associated with the dangers of smoking. Therefore, an effective technique is to filter away resin and tar from the smoke using a MouthPeace. This way, you can smoke weed as you want to while protecting your lungs. Additionally, it will provide you with a rip that tastes cleaner because the contaminants have an unpleasant taste. This will result in the cleanest smoke that enters your lungs, which will reduce the likelihood of coughing.

Further, it has been demonstrated that a triple-layer activated carbon filter stops the spread of infections. This is quite advantageous in cases where individuals share their products with their fellows and friends. It lessens cross-contamination and the quantity of bacteria transferred while smoking or sharing cannabis. If you choose high-quality weed sub boxes by opting for a premium plan, you will receive a MouthPeace, so there won’t be any need to buy it individually.

  • Make Joints Instead of Blunts

One of the most common methods of cannabis smoking is making a joint, which is thought to be much safer than a blunt. Typically, cigar wrappers (tobacco leaves) or blunt paper coated with flavoring agents are used to make blunts. Both of them are extremely dangerous since they contain nitrosamines, a cancer-causing chemical. Moreover, you would inhale more smoke when using a blunt because they are usually bigger and contain more cannabis than joints. So, you may smoke a joint by inserting the smaller end into a MouthPeace to get the cleanest hit possible instead of using blunts. For an enhanced experience, follow these steps:

  1. Using your fingers or a herb grinder, break down the cannabis. Also, eliminate any stems or seeds.
  2. Then, take a little piece of thin cardboard and cut it according to the size of your paper so that it may be folded up “accordion-style” into a tip.
  3. Place your filter on either end of the rolling paper and load it with the crushed cannabis.
  4. Next, roll the filled paper into a tube or cone form by pinching it between your fingertips.
  5. Finally, inhale from the filter after lighting the joint’s end.
  • Go for Bongs

Bongs are smoking devices that capture the attention of cannabis enthusiasts because they use water to cool and filter smoke. This produces a smoother and cleaner hit than other methods of cannabis consumption. That being said, compared to joints and blunts, people typically take bigger hits and release more smoke, which feels more calming and enjoyable.

It is a common misconception that utilizing a bong, also referred to as a glass pipe, eliminates all traces of tar and resin. Well, some of the detrimental material might remain inside, so don’t forget to use a carbon filter.

  • Dabbing

Dabbing is the process of inhaling extracts, oils, or concentrates. It entails heating a tiny bit of the dab on a hot surface and breathing in the vapor. It is among the most hygienic methods of cannabis smoking since it occurs as a result of inhaling vapor rather than smoke. In this process, the nail is heated to a high temperature and then cooled until you can comfortably hold your palm over it for five seconds. By dabbing at low temperatures, you can produce more flavor and inhale the vapor from the concentrate without smoking.

Compared to conventional smoking methods, it is less dangerous as it exposes users to less noxious chemicals. Besides, it is paramount to heat the oil in a safe and controlled manner. Why? Because high temperatures might cause byproducts that could be hazardous. According to the instructions that come in the educational material stuffed inside weed mystery subscription boxes, users must avoid holding in the cannabis smoke for more than two seconds. Reason? Because THC starts to work as soon as it comes into contact with your lungs.

  • Take Precautionary Measures

Some of the precautionary measures are as follows:

  1. Taking long, deep breaths of smoke may raise the amount of potentially hazardous substances that are inhaled. Consequently, it is preferable to inhale slowly rather than taking deep inhales.
  2. The burning process, or combustion, is what causes dangerous compounds to be released into the smoke. Thus, you must use techniques that minimize combustion, like dabbing, to lessen the intensity of the negative side effects.
  3. As time passes, residues and germs can build up in pipes and bongs, which individuals may inhale. Therefore, it is critical to clean your equipment regularly. Also, ensure that you don’t compromise on the quality of the tools while purchasing them.
  4. Drink lots of water before and after smoking to help flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated. In addition to lowering the risk of throat irritation, it can also help decrease the risk of smoking-related cardiovascular issues.

Final Note   

Moderation is essential when it comes to cannabis consumption. While it may be enticing to light up whenever possible, overuse can have adverse consequences like impaired coordination, damaged lungs, and memory loss. So, regardless of the method you choose, always use MouthPeace to get rid of the toxins and be safe. 

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