A Complete Guide To Self-Publication For First-Time Authors

Since the pandemic, the trend surrounding eBooks has increased exponentially with the rise of self-publishing your own books. Around 30 to 34% of all eBooks are self-published by various authors and still rank in the best-selling category. This gave rise to multiple self-publishing companies all around the world, making this industry thrive and releasing an increased number of copies each month. 

eBooks themselves are a growing trend that several book lovers have already started adopting with increased demands and expectations for growth. They are generating healthy sales each month as they continue to provide more and more benefits to book readers. The basic services of these self-publishing companies include everything from designing covers to editing, publishing, and distribution. 

List Of 10 Best Self-Publishing Companies To Look Out For In 2024

Some of the best self publishing companies recommended for first-time authors in the coming year of 2024 are below.

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
  2. Lulu
  3. Draft2Digital
  4. Barnes & Noble Press
  5. Smashwords
  6. CreateSpace
  7. Kobo
  8. IngramSpark
  9. iBooks
  10. Bookbaby

Discover The Multifaceted Benefits Of Self-Publishing Companies For Your Book

The journey of a writer is full of ups and downs however with the help of a good self-publishing company it gets a little bearable. The multiple benefits you can leverage through these companies are:

  • Royalties- With traditional publication authors get only up to 10% of the price upon each copy sold. However, with self-publication, you can get up to 70% of profits with less printing costs and easy marketing opportunities.
  • Rights- All of the self-publishing companies provide 100% rights to the books they crafted for their customers. No matter what services you availed, all of the rights and profits will belong to you and you alone, along with any other version of it.
  • Time-saving- Publishing your book through traditional publishers can get quite time-consuming as it takes time to find the right publisher for your book. On the other hand, you can easily find self-publishing companies online and view all of their services and prices easily through their website.
  • Pricing- Another great benefit that you can gain through self-publication is that you get to control the price of your book. Keep in mind that at the start you have to keep your prices low to attract more readership and visibility. 
  • Decisions- Self-publishing allows authors to make decisions all by themselves, from editing and formatting to printing and distribution. Even with different companies that have professionals for all the various tasks, they still save the final save for their clients.
  • Creativity- Another great advantage that you get with self-publication is that you get to have full control over the creative process of your book. You can decide in which process you need help from an expert and which process you will do by yourself with no one to answer to.
  • Marketing- With the help of a professional self-publishing company that knows what they are doing, you can get more time to focus on building effective strategies to market your book.
  • Networking- As you start working towards self-publishing your own book, you will need to perform extensive research on all the stages involved to provide your input. This will make you aware of all the recent changes in the book industry and will increase your networking opportunities.
  • Efficiency- Working with a good self-publishing company also increases the efficiency and productivity of your book. These professionals are skilled in their work and provide valuable insight into the market trends.
  • Growth- The entire process of self-publishing offers several opportunities for networking and growth. You can build a loyal community of readers and build your career as a successful author.

Concluding Remarks!

The path of self-publishing is extremely beneficial for new authors. Through the guidance of experts, they can enhance their expertise and skills in publication and all the new trends dominating this market.

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