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Discovering the Beauty of What You Have, Before Life’s Lessons Guide You to Cherish What You’ve Lost

Life doesn’t always unfold according to our desires. While some seem to effortlessly attain their wishes, others navigate through challenges and learn to cherish every act of kindness bestowed upon them. It’s essential to recognize the privileges we enjoy and appreciate every gesture, no matter how small.

The Story of Three Men

Consider the story of three men sitting together: a beggar, a cripple, and a sick individual. As they lamented their respective struggles, they gained perspective on their privileges. The beggar, yearning for shoes, realized the value of his intact limbs upon seeing the cripple. Similarly, the cripple, longing to walk, acknowledged the blessing of health when faced with the sick man. And the sick man, contemplating his condition, found gratitude in the simple fact of being alive.

Embracing Gratitude

Regardless of our circumstances, being alive itself is a privilege. Each breath we take, each moment we live, is a gift. We should be thankful for the blessings of love, companionship, and friendship bestowed upon us, recognizing them as privileges rather than entitlements.

Avoiding Hasty Judgments

Often, we’re too quick to judge others based on our perceptions. Instead of hastily forming opinions, we should seek to understand different perspectives. Rushing to conclusions can strain relationships and hinder genuine connections.

Cultivating Appreciation

We must learn to appreciate the people around us and the gifts they offer, no matter how small. Every gesture of kindness signifies love and esteem, deserving of acknowledgment and gratitude.

The Parable of the Doll

A poignant parable illustrates the consequences of ingratitude. A girlfriend dismisses a gift from her boyfriend, only to regret her actions when tragedy strikes. The lesson resonates: cherish what you have before life teaches you its value.

Spreading Gratitude

Gratitude should extend beyond receiving gifts; it should inspire us to spread goodness to others. Recognizing the blessings bestowed upon us, we should share our gratitude and love with those around us.

The Widow’s Offering

The story of the widow’s offering emphasizes the quality of gratitude over its quantity. Her sacrificial gift, given with a grateful heart, outshone the extravagant donations of others.

Overcoming Entitlement

Entitlement and self-absorption hinder gratitude. Narcissism blinds us to the blessings and benevolence of others, preventing us from appreciating the gifts we receive.

Sustaining Love and Appreciation

Love should not diminish after vows are exchanged. Couples must cultivate appreciation and continue to cherish one another, avoiding complacency and taking each other for granted.


In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, cultivating gratitude is paramount. By appreciating life’s privileges, acknowledging the kindness of others, and spreading love and gratitude, we can enrich our lives and foster deeper connections with those around us.

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