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Effective ways to improve your IELTS speaking score

To make your dream come true of studying abroad, students have to pass the IELTS exam with a high band score. IELTS is an english proficiency testing system that evaluates candidates’ english proficiency. This exam has four sections, reading writing, speaking, and listening. However, most of the candidates struggle in the IELTS speaking section. Especially for non-English speaking backgrounds candidates, it is quite difficult to ace the IELTS speaking section with a high band score. Due to this, they get nervous in the IELTS speaking section. 

Having a little bit of anxiety during the speaking section is fine as it works as motivation. However, an excessive amount of anxiety can highly impact your performance. In this article, we have given some easy tips that candidates must follow during the practice of the IELTS speaking section. These tips will surely help candidates pass the IELTS speaking section with a high band score.  Well, if you are struggling with the IELTS exam preparations, and looking for guidance. Then, join the IBT Institute and seek guidance from the experts. This coaching platform is also renowned as the best IELTS coaching in Chandigarh

Here are some simple and effective ways that surely help the candidate to pass the IELTS speaking section with a high band score:

Know the Basics 

How can you expect to speak English fluently if you are unfamiliar with basic grammar? Therefore, to speak english fluently, you must first be familiar with important grammatical principles such as nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, tenses, articles, and so on. Having a proper knowledge of grammar will enable you to build correct sentences. With good sentence structure, you may effortlessly express your thoughts and ideas in English.  Thus, you will get a high band score in the IELTS speaking section. 

Focus on Pronunciation

Incorrect word pronunciation may result in lower band scores in the IELTS speaking scores. As a result, before taking the IELTS exam, make sure you know how to pronounce each word correctly. Listening to English songs, viewing English movies and web series, and mastering phonetics will help you understand how to pronounce the words correctly. It is important to note that pronunciation varies depending on the accent. You can use any accent in IELTS speaking, but be sure to pronounce the words correctly and clearly so that the examiner can easily understand what you are saying.  

Communicate With  a Native English Speaker

Speaking with a native English speaker is the best way to improve both your knowledge and your English speaking skills. So, find a native speaker and communicate in English. You can also ask them to find out your mistakes. In this way, you may get an idea about the mistakes you made while speaking. Thus, you can focus on those mistakes and improve them. Similarly, you can learn new words from them to expand your vocabulary.

If you don’t know anyone who speaks English natively, you can connect with people from English-speaking nations through social media. In addition, if you cannot find a companion online, you can communicate with voice chat assistance.  


It may be tough to find a partner with whom you can practice english speaking on a daily basis. In this scenario, you can practice english speaking with yourself. It helps you enhance your English speaking skills. Thus, if possible, talk to yourself in the mirror. Assume you are the examiner and make eye contact with your mirror image. Moreover, you can choose a random cue card topic and speak constantly for two minutes on the same topic. In addition, you can also record your voice while speaking. Once your cue card is completed, listen to the tape, take note of your mistakes, and make corrections. This will undoubtedly improve your response time and confidence. 

If your english speaking skills are too poor, you must work on it. Otherwise, you will get a lower band score in the IELTS speaking section. Moreover, you can also join the IBT Institute. As this coaching platform provides excellent spoken english classes in Chandigarh

Wrapping Up: 

To wrap up, to improve your English speaking skills, you must follow the above-mentioned preparation tips and practice regularly. These tips will surely assist you in achieving your desired band score in the IELTS speaking section.

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