Everything You Need To Know About IDX Real Estate Website

Real estate websites in the USA are shifting towards IDX integration. Top-notch commercial real estate software offers IDX and MLS integrations for better listing management. The top reason realtors must invest in IDX real estate websites is the rising competition that makes featuring the latest listings a mandate.   

Before I delve into how IDX real estate websites can maximize your profits, let’s understand what IDX and MLS integration are.

IDX and MLS Integration   

The Multiple Listing Service allows realtors to upload the most recent listings to their website. MLSs have the latest listings, and when a realtor integrates MLS onto their website, they can pull the relevant listings along with descriptions, images, and specifications to their website. MLS is the shared data center that can benefit IDX real estate websites.  

Internet Data Exchange allows realtors to share MLS data on their websites. IDX makes MLS data sharing possible. IDX/MLS integration allows agents and brokers to display up-to-date property listings on their websites to attract, engage, and convert potential clients.  

How IDX Real Estate Websites Can Maximize Your Profits?  

Before you trust what experts say about real estate IDX integration, you must know all the benefits it brings for realtors.   

It gets you quality leads.  

IDX real estate websites showcase recent listings, engaging descriptions, images and videos, property map views, and much more. It keeps visitors browsing if they happen to land on your page. IDX/MLS integration makes sure that your real estate website attracts quality leads. Here’s how.  

  •  Sufficient property information   
  • User-friendly search options   
  • Interactive property maps   
  • Virtual tours  

It provides actionable data.

An IDX real estate website offers actionable data and makes the customer acquisition process effective. It creates various touchpoints for collecting relevant information about the leads to nurture them further. Correctly placed forms, Wishlist features, live chat, and social media integration are effective in extracting data from visitors.  

It keeps them hooked on an immersive user experience.   

IDX real estate websites come with attractive features and user experiences. User-friendly design, interactive interfaces, and immersive user experiences across the web and mobile ensure that leads are being nurtured properly. An immersive user experience is often governed by factors like:   

  •  Interactive User Interface   
  • Compatibility across different devices   
  • Performance across Android and iOS   
  • Responsive Design   

It helps you rank higher.   

Organic traffic is the biggest contributor to search engine optimization for your real estate website. The IDX real estate websites feature the most recent listings, helping them rank higher in SERP based on relevance and quality. Social media integration allows users to share the unique links of various listings across different platforms, creating valuable backlinks for the website. Here’s how.  

  • More organic traffic   
  • Quality lead generation   
  • Social media integration for strong backlinks   
  • Optimized property descriptions and metadata    

It automates marketing and communication.  

Marketing is an essential part of driving organic traffic to your real estate website because competition is tight. Imagine you have a lead, and you fail to send them a welcome email in time; the chances are high you would lose the lead. Delays can be quite expensive in a dynamic real estate market. IDX websites for realtors come with email automation and single-click communication features that reduce the gaps between lead generation and capture. Here’s how it ensures better business:   

  • Proactive communication   
  • Quick resolution of queries   
  • Live support and assistance   
  • Better chances of sale conversions  

Invest in a Comprehensive Solution  

As a realtor, you must look for a solution that solves all problems. The IDX real estate website is a must-have to ensure seamless listing management. Commercial real estate software and platforms offer other features, like offer and bid management, too. Have you heard about a platform that allows you to conduct online auctions too? Now you will.  

BidHom is a comprehensive real estate platform that offers pathbreaking features like auction management, an IDX website, offer and listing management, and marketing automation. If you are a realtor who is thinking of doubling your revenue with enhanced market presence, invest in BidHom.

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Hi, I'm Scott Mue, I associate with the marketing team at Bidhom. Bidhom aids auctioneers, realtors, agents, and brokers to efficiently manage all aspects of their real estate business by offering comprehensive Auction Software, Listing Software, IDX Websites, and Mobile Apps, all accessible under one unified platform.
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