Fit Credit Card: Everything You need to Know

Are you looking for a credit card even whn you have a bad credit history?

Well, the Fit Master card is a great choice for people with low credit scores helping in building credit and this in turn improves the FICO Score.

To give you an insight into fit credit card, we are here with this post. Keep reading it.

About FIT Master Card


 The issuer Bank of  fit card, Bank of Missouri in collaboration with  Continental Finance Company, issues cards to everyone, even those with a low or badzero credit history. Initial credit limi starts with $400 which may be revised in 6 months of using the card and can get dobled. 

Besides this, Fit Master card will protect you from any type of frauds 


Key Takeaways of FIT Platinum Mastercard 


  • The credit limit starts with $400.
  • The credit limit of $400 doubles in 6 months to up to $800, on making timely payments.
  • Fit Credit Card has to report the three major credit bureaus.
  • Welcoming all credit types Fit credit card has a fast and easy application procedure.
  • FIT credit card is accepted on all locations where Master card is accepted.
  • Account Checking is a must.


How to Create an Account on  Fit Master Card 


To avail all the benefits of Fit Master card, you need to create an online account on fit credit card login portal.

Here is how.

  • All you need to do is Visit the official website of
  • Click on the red colored “Login” button from the top of the homepage.
  • Follow the “Register for Account” link.
  • Enter the details required in the given field, like your name, SSN, 4didgits of your account, Billing Zip Code etc.
  • Click on “Next” and follow the prompts appearing on the screen.


Here you can create your unique User ID and Password to log in again on your account.


Fit Master Card Fees, Rates, and Interest


To avail of the benefits of fit mastercard, you have to pay a one-time fee of $89, before setting up your account completely. Once done, you have to pay various fees like 


  • A $99 annual fee is charged when opening your account and continue to pay it every year. 
  • A 6.25 monthly maintenance fee is charged to your card for the first year of creating an account on it.
  • A $ 41 fee will be charged on late payment of your bills.


Before applying for a fit card, it is crucial to know the interest rates, which will help you assess how much your credit card debt may end up costing. Here are the rates displayed


  • Regular Purchase APR:    29.99% variable
  • Cash advance APR: 29.99% variable
  • Purchase/balance transfer intro APR offer: This card doesn’t offer intro APR


Pros And Cons of Fit Credit Card




  • With a simple and fast application procedure, it is easy to access credit and build your credit score.
  • No security deposits are required.
  • Opportunity to double your credit limit.
  • It offers fraud liability coverage along with a free monthly credit score check.




  • The annual fee for a Fit credit card is relatively higher than other credit cards.
  • It charges annual and monthly fees.
  • APR rates is higher if you carry a balance.


To dive deeper into it must visit the site Accountiod and read our blogs written by our author suchi

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