How do I select Seats on Spirit Airlines

Spirit Check in

Though its knee-crushing legroom may be its most recognizable feature, Spirit Airlines doesn’t always have to have it that way. Spirit’s Big Front Seat excels in that situation. Spirit has spacious seats in the front of the aircraft that are appropriately called “Big Front Seats.” For those travelers who can handle the idea of squeezing themselves into a 28-inch seat pitch, it may be worth it even if it’s nowhere like the complete “first class” experience you’ll receive flying up front on many other carriers.

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How to get a Spirit Big Front Seat

You won’t find anything like it on practically any other ultra-low-cost airline. If you’re on a tight budget and want to travel in first class, this could be one of the greatest domestic flight prices available. It’s easy to upgrade to the Big Front Seat. You will be sent to the landing page where you may pay to choose a seat when you purchase an online Spirit flight. Depending on the flight, choosing an economy seat can usually cost you anything from a few dollars to $50. In general, exit rows are slightly higher.

However, Spirit provides The Big Front Seat as a third choice on the majority of its flights. Additionally, you may sit there without worrying about elite status or improvements. If you buy it, it’s yours. The cost of a Spirit Big Front Seat might vary significantly depending on the route you’re taking, when you’re leaving, and how many Big Front Seats are available.

The Big Front Seat Experience Continues

You are paying for the larger seat when you choose the Big Front Seat. and nothing more. Other than its huge size, the in-flight experience is exactly the same as it is on any other typical Spirit trip. This is the reason why:

The seat does not have any charging ports.
Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment are absent.
Not even at the front do the chairs recline.
If you don’t pay for early boarding, you board as usual.
The flight attendant operating at the front of the aircraft may provide you with a little more attentive service, but there’s no guarantee. You still have to pay for water, snacks, and any other service items in addition to the Big Front Seat. 

Spirit On-flight Amenities: Spirit takes pride on providing the lowest possible base cost, as previously noted. As a result, many of the in-flight facilities that many passengers are accustomed to are inaccessible.
Spirit does not offer video streaming, in-flight Wi-Fi, or any kind of onboard entertainment.
The only paid refreshments and snacks provided by the refreshment service

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Specifications of the Seat: Depending on the kind of aircraft, Spirit Airlines’ seat specifications change slightly. But among other domestic airlines, Spirit is infamous for having one of the shortest economy pitches. We’ve compiled the following seat specifications using data from Seat Guru and Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Flight Dimensions are generally as follows:

Large Front Seats: 18.5 inches wide and 36 inches in pitch
Regular economy seats measure 17.75 inches in width and 28 inches in pitch.

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