How much does Spirit Airlines Charge for Pets

People who own pets adore taking them on trips. Furthermore, why not? Nobody wants to part from their family, and your dog’s become an extension of your family. So, if you’re planning a trip, you can rely on Spirit Airlines pet policy. Travelling by plane with your dogs is a memorable experience.

So, this is a brief guide that walks you through the rules for pet-friendly travel.

Is it Possible to Bring Pets on Spirit Airlines?

The airline does really permit you to travel with your pets. You may travel worry-free because of Spirit Airlines’ pet policy. Thus, if you wish to travel to your ideal destination by plane with your pet. Your small pet that is domesticated board any domestic flight in accordance with policy.

What Pet Policy Does Spirit Airlines Have?

Prior to beginning. Keep in mind that pets are only permitted on domestic flights, as well as those that travel to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. On overseas flights, pets are not permitted, though.

Let’s now review the key points of Spirit Airlines Pet Policy:

Pets flying to Puerto Rico in the cabin of Spirit Airlines are required to have a current rabies vaccine certification.

Pets are only permitted in the cabin not in the hold. Only tiny domestic animals are permitted on board.

In the cabin, Spirit only permits the following pets:

Household cats and dogs

Small house birds and domestic rabbits. However, these are not allowed on flights to Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Spirit Airlines permits service animals, including service dogs, on its overseas flights upon request.

Pets travelling in the aero plane cabin do not require a health certificate, with the exception of those going to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Essential Rules for Animals

The pet needs to be completely weaned and at least eight weeks old.

In accordance with Spirit Airlines’ pet policy, your pet must be in good health. Be odourless, harmless, and not require any special care while travelling.

If the animal becomes disruptive or hostile before leaving the gate, it will be taken out. Kindly take note of Anywhere in the aircraft may be a seat, with the exception of the first and final rows.

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For overseas travel, the airline may require paperwork about service animals. For more details, give Spirit Guest Service a call.

Bring your pet to be screened by the screeners at the security checkpoint.

How Do You Book a Spirit Flight with Your Pet?

You may want to make reservations for your pet when you book your tickets with Spirit. Though it’s not necessary, Spirit advises making reservations for your furry friends.

To add a pet to your reservation, give the airline a call. Additionally, Spirit charges a one-way pet cost of $125.

As there is a cap on the number of pet carriers the airline will accept on board, you should reserve your pet’s seat as soon as possible.

Pets are welcome to check in

Spirit Airlines’ pet policy prohibits online check-in for passengers travelling with dogs or other pets. Thus, arrive at the airport early and attend the ticket booth.

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In this manner, the airline personnel will have ample time to review the paperwork and your pet. After that, they will give the go-ahead for your pet and its carrier to board the aircraft.


In conclusion, you may relax knowing that Spirit permits your dogs to travel with you, subject to certain stipulations. But these are crucial for your convenience, your pet’s comfort and safety, and other passengers’ pleasant travels.

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