How to clean and maintain your pearl jewelry?

If you want some elegant, traditional and conventional piece of jewellery, what comes to your thoughts– Pearls, right? Pearl jewellery for women fits any event, be it grand or informal and any outfit formal or informal. So we have to take the right care of them so that we can wear them for a long time.

You have to store and maintain your pearl jewellery nicely so that it becomes your buddy for a lifetime. Here, we’ll be giving some techniques for cleaning your precious pearls to preserve their beauty for an extended period.

Tips for pearl jewellery cleaning and maintenance

Wipe your jewellery after every use: 

Whenever you wear your pearl jewellery, the oil from your skin comes in contact with your jewelry. Always clean the jewellery with a gentle fabric. This will prevent any damage to your jewelry.

Remove the stains at the earliest:

If you find any visible mark or stain on your pearl jewellery. Clean it with a damp cloth. Never dip them in the water, it will weaken the thread in which the pearls are placed. You can use a homemade solution of lukewarm water and a gentle liquid wash.

Always air dry your jewellery:

 Before storage of your pearl jewellery after usage, always air dry them. It will prevent the damage of the thread.

Take your pearls for professional cleaning once in a while:

Ensure that you will take your pearls to the jeweler once a year to make them long-lasting. At professional places, pearls undergo quality checks. It increases the age of your pearls.

These are some ways that you can use to clean jewellery. Now here we are giving you tips to preserve and maintain your pearl jewellery:

● Always wear your pearl jewellery at last so that you can prevent make-up products, skin care products, perfumes, etc from coming in contact with it. This will make your jewellery collection long-lasting.

● Always store your pearl necklaces and bracelets in a box. Store them in boxes or flat surfaces.

● Pearl jewellery is prone to scratches. If you want to maintain their luster for a long time, always store them in separate boxes lined with cotton or any soft cloth.

● Never use any hard thing such as a toothbrush to clean your pearls.

● Commercial cleaners use harsh chemicals, so never use them to clean your pearls.

● Never store your pearls in polythene; it results in the cracking of pearls.

● Never go for exercise or swimming with your pearl jewellery as the thread of your jewelry can break during exercise. In the swimming pool, there is ammonia which decreases the luster of pearls.

● Always air dry your necklace or bracelets because silk thread will break if it is a little bit moist.

● To maintain the luster of pearl jewellery, wear them regularly.

● Always untangle your jewellery before storing it.

● Always store your pearl jewellery separately as hard silver and gold jewelry causes scratches to your pearls.

● Never get your pearls in hot water.

● Never place your pearls directly in sunlight.

● Never sleep by wearing pearls.

● It is important to ensure that the pearls are knotted individually, preferably with silk, to prevent them from coming together and wearing each other out. If the pearls are small, it may not be desired to have knots between them.

● Always clean your pearls with lint-free cloth.

Follow these cleaning and maintenance tips so that your pearls will elevate your looks on every occasion. These are natural gems that are perfect for women of every age. But make sure to always invest in good quality pearls. 

But if you buy jewellery from the best pearls jewellery store then it will last longer and will be easier to maintain.

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