How to furniture moving and protect to a new residence

While you feel happy and joyful about moving from your old residence to a new one, and you and your family are preparing for a new life. You are faced with a confusing question. “How I move furniture (or we call moving furniture) from my old residence to the new one without breaking or damage it?” Together we will learn about the most important methods of commercial movers furniture to avoid any lose.

Methods of moving furniture

Seeking help from family and friends: This is a cumbersome method that consumes a lot of time. But it saves money and ensures that the parents are careful about the safety of the furniture.

Using furniture moving companies: This is a convenient method that saves time, but it may be expensive. Despite its cost, it guarantees the preservation of the furniture. As workers use devices that facilitate moving furniture. To ensure that the removal companies Birmingham is placed according to your taste and instructions. Be with them step by step and tell them your suggestions before starting so that you do not have to move it yourself according to your vision.

Planning before moving furniture is an essential step

Studying your pieces of furniture, as well as the places they will pass through, and how to move each piece in the most appropriate way to preserve. It will make the step of moving furniture easier for you. Here are the most important points when planning to move furniture.

Determine the places through which the furniture will pass from the door of your old apartment to the door of the other apartment. Whether doors, elevators, or stairs, and make sure that their space is suitable for your pieces of furniture, and whether you will need to disassemble them to facilitate crossing them, for example, and write the pieces of furniture that you will movers and packers on a piece of paper to ensure that each piece is suitable.

Purchase tools used in packaging furniture to protect it from breakage and damage, such as corkscrews, plastic bubble bags, and adhesive strips of different sizes.

Taking pictures of removable furniture pieces, in order to be able to install them properly when moving to the new house. While keeping small pieces of furniture such as handles and screws in small boxes or bags. With the type of piece written on them so that you do not lose any of them and fail to install the furniture pieces.

Steps for moving furniture

1-Dismantling the furniture:

It is an important step, and once you complete it, you will have completed a quarter of the task related to moving the furniture.

  • This step requires good observation and previous experience. Any careless step while disassembling furniture may lead to damage.
  • When starting this step, the person performing it should keep the small components. Such as handles and screws, in small boxes and write the name of their piece of furniture on them. To avoid mixing these pieces with other furniture.
  • If the piece of furniture contains a lot of glass. It is best to disassemble it with extreme caution and write on it after wrapping it that it is breakable so that workers can be careful when transporting it.

2- Furniture packaging:

A step that shows its importance in preserving furniture, and the packaging method varies according to the nature of the piece. For example

  • When wrapping wood, we start by wrapping it, for example, with blankets or cloth. Securing it with adhesive, then a layer of nylon to protect it from water.
  • When packing furniture pieces, such as living rooms, soap boxes, and sofas. We start with a layer of nylon, followed by blankets, and attach them with adhesive strips.
  • When packaging electrical appliances that are more sensitive to scratches. We start with bubble plastic, then put it in a reinforced cardboard to ensure its safety.
  • As for kitchen utensils, such as plates and bowls. They are wrapped using cardboard and then placed in cardboard boxes

3-Unloading furniture:

We find that furniture moving companies use various devices according to the nature of the furniture to facilitate the workers and maintain the safety of the furniture.

You have a lot of books at home. Feel that you have to create a new library that stores your books and has an elegant appearance that encourages. You to pick up a book from time to time to read instead of browsing your smartphone. Here are some tips for creating a well-designed library.

Various types of kitchens The kitchen is one of the distinctive and favorite places for cooking lovers and the lady of the house, and it is preferable for it to be elegant and practical at the same time. It may even be one of the rooms of the house if it has a table or counter for eaten.

Know the details of epoxy flooring, prices and where to sell.

What is Epoxy Floor?

Epoxy flooring or liquid epoxy flooring for floor covering Epoxy Floor Coating is a new trend in the world of decoration with distinctive shapes and features in design and durability.

Choosing the right chandelier for your home and the best places to sell chandeliers in Cairo.

Home lighting is not limited to ordinary and economical types of electric lamps. But also includes all types of chandeliers, which are not just a means of lighting. But rather a part of the home’s décor. Integrating with the removal company Birmingham furniture, its pieces, the color of the paint, and the style.

  • Shoulder straps for transporting small pieces of furniture such as antiques.
  • Escalator for transporting heavy electrical appliances.
  • The winch is for heavy pieces of furniture, such as bedrooms and living rooms, in order to move the furniture from high floors directly to the car.
  • Placing furniture in the car
  • This step requires arranging the furniture pieces well and not placing one piece on top of another so as not to cause damage.

It is best to choose a covered car so that we do not have to tie the furniture with ropes. Which affects its aesthetic appearance and may expose it to damage, in addition to protecting the furniture from dust or even falling.

It is preferable to use a large transport vehicle, not a regular transport vehicle (known as a jumbo transport vehicle).

  • Transportation by car:

The driver should be warned to adhere to a reasonable speed and drive calmly. So that the furniture is not exposed to vibrations that lead to it breaking.

  • Lifting furniture:

This step is similar to the idea of unloading furniture, as workers use the same tools.

  • Furniture installation:

You should stand with the workers when installing the furniture to ensure it is installed properly according to your instructions and requirements.

  • Furniture cleaning:

This is an important step to clean the furniture from road dust and traces of packaging. You can polish rooms such as bedrooms, books, soap, and precious pieces so that the furniture appears shiny and suits the new residence.

Some moving companies provide a furniture polishing service to save new residents time and effort.

Using furniture moving companies and their selection criteria

When you hire a furniture Birmingham movers company, you will save yourself a lot of effort and will also ensure that those. Who move your belongings are specialists. The most important criteria for choosing a furniture moving company.

The company’s history and previous experience are among the most important factors in choosing it. You can also search for user reviews online.

  • The devices used with them are modern and in good condition or old and dilapidated.
  • The efficiency of the workers, the extent of their cooperation, and their response to your instructions.
  • Customer service interacts with you and provides technical support to the fullest.

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