How to properly store food?

How to properly store food?

The risks occur mainly through foodborne illnesses. To avoid them, you need to know how to store food in suitable containers and at the ideal temperature. Many people may have questions about how to store food correctly. Each type of food requires a different type of storage This also varies according to the conservation characteristics and the estimate of when it will be consumed. for more blogs

To find out the advantages of storing food properly, here are some reasons:


  • Improves food conservation
  • Extends the predisposition time for consumption
  • Prevents contamination by microorganisms
  • Prevents food poisoning
  • Avoid waste
  • Generates savings
  • How to properly store food


In this topic, we will give you some tips on how to store food correctly.


Greens and vegetables:

Lettuce, kale, arugula and mint leaves are somewhat sensitive and spoil or wilt more easily.

So, to make them last longer in the refrigerator, it is important to store them dry and not damp or wet.

  • It is also important that they are stored in the lower part of the refrigerator.
  • Vegetables can vary in terms of whether or not they need to be stored in the refrigerator. For example, potatoes can be left out, but not in the case of tomatoes.
  • Other vegetables that can spoil quickly if left out of the refrigerator are carrots and broccoli.


The ideal for most fruits is that they are kept at room temperature. However, some need to be refrigerated, as is the case with grapes, papaya and watermelon. Click Here for food safety course in UAE

Furthermore, whenever you cut the fruit you need to store it in the refrigerator, so as not to attract insects or microorganisms. This way, it will be preserved for longer. To store food correctly, fruits, as well as vegetables, should be stored in the lower part of the refrigerator. In this place the temperatures are not as low as at the top. Furthermore, some foods, such as bananas, release substances that accelerate ripening. So, leave it in a separate packaging.


Meat needs to be stored in the freezer to avoid spoilage.

Canned food:

Canned food can only be left out of the refrigerator before being opened. After that, they should be stored in the refrigerator, preferably for a maximum of 48 hours. Or as indicated on the label.

Yogurts and similar:

Foods such as yogurt, milk, cottage cheese and cheese should be stored at the top of the refrigerator to be properly preserved.


Dry food:

Dry foods such as biscuits, starch, flour, sugar, rice, farofa and grain can be stored at room temperature without any problems. To correctly store food, after being removed from the wrappers, it is recommended to store it in closed containers.


This way, you avoid attracting Contaminants.


Foods that will be consumed in the short term. Food that will be consumed quickly can be stored on the middle shelves of the refrigerator or on the door. For example, sauces, drinks and food in general.

Can I use packaging to store food?

Plastic packaging is not the best option for storing food in the refrigerator or freezer. This is because the contact of hot or frozen food with the plastic container can cause the release of substances that are harmful to health.

Covid-19: how to sterilize food packaging before putting it in the cupboard?

Packaged foods also need to undergo basic hygiene before being stored in the cupboard. It is recommended to wash the packaging with soap and water, or use a cloth with alcohol gel. This is because the coronavirus can survive for a few days on these surfaces. So, to minimize the risks of contamination, every precaution is valid. Click Here for Level 3 food safety course

In addition to taking precautions against Covid-19, sanitizing the packaging in this way also prevents other problems. This is an essential step to correctly store food. For example, it may be that from stock to delivery, that packaging has been improperly contaminated with urine or insect feces. Or even other animals, such as rodents and birds.

So, to be safe, store the packaging in the closet after cleaning them. If you order delivery, always look for reliable companies. When you receive your order, clean the packaging with alcohol gel before opening it. Prefer to consume the food in another container and not directly in the one in which it was delivered.

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