How to sell old furniture faster and more expensively

If you are going to update your home or move to another city (or even country), you should not throw away your old furniture. They can be quickly sold to Used Furniture Dubai. And the earned money will be used to purchase new items from “Max Used Furniture“.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of useful tips for sellers.

Simple recommendations for quick sale of furniture

So, you need to get rid of old things as soon as possible and make money from it. Here are some simple tips that will help you achieve the desired result:

  • Clearly define the state of affairs. What do they look like? Are all items intact? Are there stains? This will help an objective assessment. Tell the truth about the condition of the product. Do not hesitate to admit stains, scratches, dents, and other defects. The buyer must know in advance exactly what he will receive. Otherwise, he may want to return the product and get his money back.
  • Determine the cost of the object of sale. Take into account the age of things, their condition, material, and brand. If items are in good condition, we recommend selling them for 20-50% off their original retail price. The exception is vintage, collectible items. They only get more expensive with age. To get an idea of the cost of similar items, read other sellers’ ads.
  • Take beautiful photos. First remove all excess (pillows, toys, books, favorite kitty). Take photos in bright daylight. Take pictures of the object from all sides. The buyer should see the product as if he were looking at it in a store.
  • Tell the story of the object. Be creative. Add interesting details to the story. Try to “deliciously” describe the advantages of furniture: durable materials, a well-known manufacturer, things from a limited series, etc. The description should be such that the buyer has as few questions as possible. A skillfully told story helps sell the item more profitably.

As you can see, nothing complicated. All that remained was to prepare an interesting ad and place it on the relevant sites. If everything is done correctly, you won’t have to wait long for calls from interested buyers.

Need to sell furniture and appliances urgently?

We are open at any time, any day of the week. Contacting used furniture buyers in Dubai is quick and easy.

You don’t have to worry about renting cars and arranging for movers, paying everything at your own expense.

Send photos of furniture to us on TELEGRAM or Whatsapp.

Leave a request on our website through the form and we will call you back and discuss all the details.


We are ready to offer you the most favorable terms of purchase

used furniture and appliances in the city of Dubai:

– purchase of soft office furniture (sofas, chairs)

– furniture from the service sector (restaurants, cafes, shops)

– office furniture, tables, chairs

– kitchens, kitchen appliances (only for cafes and restaurants)

– trade equipment

– purchase of household appliances from 5 units (refrigerators, TVs)

– computers, monitors, uninterruptible power supply units from 5  units

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