Marketing is not limited to promotions anymore; user expectations are increasing and want to have the presentable and best quality product. Standards have been raised for the manufacturers and it is must for them to meet the demand to remain active in the market and sustain their growth. Quality can be improvised by following the defined norms and require stringent testing of the product to ensure they are meeting the quality standards. Packaging of the product is very critical as it ensure the safety of the product during transportation and storage. Manufactures must use best packing material as per defined quality standards to ensure their product is safe and protected during transit and storage.

Spillage from bottles is a very common issue and usually lead to the compromisation with the freshness of the product, to prevent the leakage from bottles it is crucial to understand precise amount of force required to open or close the bottle cap. Lab testing equipment like torque tester for bottle cap can come handy as it helps to measure the force required to open and close the bottles. There are number of big players in the market who specialize in manufacturing packaging testing equipment, Presto group is well recognized name in manufacturing lab testing equipment and have done a commendable job with one of their product Torque Tester Digital for bottle caps. Lab testing equipment can help manufactures to pass audits without any errors and ultimately it helps them to build reputation in the market.


It is very critical to understand the product and its reliability, Presto group have more than 40 years of experience in providing world class testing instruments along with delivering best after sales services. Their product is manufactured as per the quality standards and provide highly accurate results. Products are easy to operate and appropriate training programs available by Presto to ensure customer can utilize the machine effectively and efficiently. Presto torque tester digital machine is manufactured as per quality standards, provides highly accurate results and very easy to operate.

Bottle Cap Torque test can be conducted with the help of a torque testing digital model designed by the experts at Presto. It is one of the high-quality lab testing equipment that helps to measure the torque needed to open the closed bottle cap. The Presto torque tester is a highly useful lab testing instrument that is used in the PET bottle industry to measure the opening and closing torque of the PET bottles with ease. The torque strength measures the quality of the product and it determines how well the bottle can withstand the force applied to them during shipping and handling. The need for testing the torque test strength of PET bottles has arisen because of increase in the use of these bottles for a variety of products. There are more chances of cracking the torque bottles under torque stress. This can result in product leakage and contamination, and therefore it is necessary to test the torque strength of PET bottles before using them for packaging.


In the era of competitive market, one need to ensure best quality product are getting delivered and there is no room for error when it comes to packaging and delivery of their product. Manufactures have to maintain their market value and ensure their products passes the audit test with zero error. Using a reliable product from reliable company can give the advantage to manufacturers in maintaining quality standards and building reputation in the market. Presto group is one of the most reliable lab testing equipment manufacturers with more than 4 decades of experience in producing reliable lab testing equipment and manufactures can try their product in improvising their product quality.

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