KTM Duke 200: A Comprehensive Test Ride Review

KTM Duke 200

The KTM Duke 200, synonymous with high-performance motorcycles and the distinctive orange hue, has been making waves in the motorcycle community. As a product of the collaboration between KTM, the Austrian performance motorcycle manufacturer, and Bajaj, renowned for delivering on promises in the Indian market, the bike carries the weight of expectations. This review delves into the unique features and riding experience that set the KTM Duke 200 apart. 

The KTM Legacy

Before diving into the details of the Duke 200, it’s essential to acknowledge its rich legacy. Founded in 1934 in the Austrian town of Mattighofen, KTM has weathered storms and emerged as one of the most respected performance motorcycle manufacturers globally. Known for its iconic orange colour and a history rooted in motocross racing, KTM’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Bajaj’s Stake in KTM

Bajaj, a stalwart in the Indian market, holds a significant stake of 39.26% in KTM. This collaboration became evident six months ago with the production of the KTM 125 in Pune, India. Both the KTM 125 and the Duke 200 roll off the assembly lines at the Chakan plant, showcasing the prowess of Indian manufacturing in the global motorcycle scene. 

The Duke 200 represents a significant leap for KTM and Bajaj in the Indian market. With Bajaj’s stake in KTM becoming more apparent, the production of the 125 CC KTM in Pune set the stage for something even more exciting – the KTM Duke 200. This motorcycle, boasting 200 CC and a promise of dynamic performance, quickly became the talk of the town.

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Test Ride of KTM Duke 200

The test ride adventure begins on the open roads leading to Slovenia, a journey undertaken on the KTM Adventure 990. The scenic ride, spanning hundreds of kilometres, eventually leads to Radenci, the hometown of Rok Bagoros, a prominent stutter sponsored by KTM. The experience of witnessing the stunts on the KTM 125, coupled with the desire for more power and affordability, sets the stage for the introduction of the Duke 200.

The anticipation peaks as the journey continues towards Chakan, where Bajaj is set to unveil the much-anticipated KTM Duke 200. The excitement is palpable, both for the rider and the readers eager to learn more about this powerhouse on two wheels.

Finally, the moment arrives, and the Duke 200 is unleashed on the roads of Pune. The rider, laden with cameras and gear, is immersed in the sensory delight of this phenomenal two-wheeler. The bike’s nimble handling and precise manoeuvring through Pune traffic showcase its agility and responsiveness. As the journey unfolds, the rider experiences the thrill of the Duke 200, a testament to its exceptional performance.

Key Features

  • The 199.5cc engine roars to life, delivering an impressive 24.67 bhp at 10,000 rpm and a torque of 19.3 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The Duke 200’s power is a standout feature, providing an exhilarating riding experience.
  • The distinctive orange colour, a trademark of KTM, adds to the Duke 200’s visual appeal. The sleek and aggressive design, including a stepped seat and modern graphics, contributes to its sporty demeanour.
  • Weighing in at 159 kg, the Duke 200 perfectly balances power and agility. The split-trellis frame and advanced suspension system ensure precise handling, whether cruising on highways or navigating city roads.
  • The dual-channel ABS and front and rear disc brakes provide confidence-inspiring stopping power. The 300mm front disc and 230mm rear disc, coupled with piston callipers, contribute to optimal braking performance.


The KTM Duke 200 emerges from this comprehensive test ride review as a true winner in the 200cc mootrcycle segment. With a legacy rooted in performance, a dynamic riding experience, and a collaborative effort between KTM and Bajaj, the Duke 200 lives up to the expectations set by its predecessors. Whether it’s the powerful engine, agile handling, or aesthetic appeal, the KTM Duke 200 stands as a testament to the best mileage bikes in India. As the orange legacy continues, the bike cements its place as a thrilling and iconic addition to the world of high-performance motorcycles.

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