Learning A-Z | What is the Purpose of Learning A-Z?

Learning A-Z is an education technology company that provides online resources designed to support teachers and help students learn. At its core, Learning A-Z aims to make teaching and learning fun, engaging, and effective for both educators and children.

While many companies focus primarily on making a profit, Learning A-Z was founded with the goal of positively impacting student achievement. Their mission is to empower all PreK-6 students to become their best selves by providing teachers with access to high-quality, easy-to-use tools and materials. Everything they create is developed with classroom teachers in mind to be both practical and beneficial for daily lessons.

Some key purposes of Learning A-Z include:

Supporting Differentiated Instruction

Today’s classrooms are more diverse than ever, with students coming from various backgrounds and possessing a wide range of abilities. Learning A-Z resources allow teachers to easily differentiate instruction based on each child’s individual needs, interests, and skill levels. Resources are leveled by reading ability and include modifications that help all students access grade-level content.

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Engaging Young Learners

Keeping early elementary students engaged and excited about learning can be challenging. Learning A-Z understands this and ensures their materials use bright visuals, active learning experiences, and fun themes to captivate young learners. Interactive activities, read-alouds with completion quizzes, and downloadable worksheets reinforce skills while sparking students’ natural curiosity.

Supplementing Core Curricula

While core reading programs provide the foundation, teachers need additional resources to effectively cover all standards. Learning A-Z fills in the gaps by supplementing core texts with targeted lesson plans, text sets, unit assessments, and more. Teachers gain a full toolbox of materials without additional prep work.

Saving Teachers Time and Effort

Finding and organizing quality material for every lesson can eat up precious planning time. Learning A-Z aims to minimize this burden by providing fully developed, standards-aligned materials ready for classroom use. Teachers save hours each week with pre-made activities, homework assignments, flashcards, and more at their fingertips.

Measuring Student Progress

Continuous progress monitoring is key, yet formal assessments only capture snapshots. Learning A-Z offers formative assessments in every lesson to track understanding throughout each unit. Weekly quizzes, running records, and data wall resources empower teachers to identify struggling students early for targeted intervention.

Promoting Literacy Beyond the Classroom

For learning to stick, it needs reinforcement at home. Learning A-Z gives families resources to feel involved through take-home books, activity sheets, and online access at any time. This home-school connection fosters a lifelong love of reading that starts in the early elementary years.


The overarching purpose of Learning A-Z is to make teachers’ jobs easier through a complete set of high-quality, standards-aligned resources. By supporting differentiation, engagement, progress monitoring, and more—they aim to maximize classroom impact and student learning outcomes.

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