Perform Umrah & Visit Turkey with December Umrah Packages

December Umrah Packages

Umrah is a holy journey that revitalizes the faith of a Muslim and helps him grow spiritually. Every Muslim desires to perform Umrah and visit the House of Allah and the Holy graves of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H. and His companions. Many pilgrims also wish to make a halal holiday tour to other Muslim countries before or after performing Umrah. Many travel agencies around the world provide travel services and packages for halal holiday traveling, along with performing Umrah. December Umrah Packages 2024 stand out for intending pilgrims due to the several benefits they offer.

Halal Holiday Tour to Turkey

Pilgrims can choose among various countries to visit before or after performing Umrah. These include Egypt, Dubai, Malaysia, Pakistan, Turkey, etc. We’ll share the diverse aspects of Turkey in this article for intending pilgrims who plan to visit this country along with performing Umrah.

Vital Information About Turkey

Turkey is a Muslim majority country with around 84.78 million people and an area of 301,382 sq. miles. It occupies a modest part of Europe with Istanbul as the capital, previously known as Constantinople. Popularly known as the bridge between East and West, the country offers a beautiful blend of both Western and Islamic culture. It enjoys this title not only on a cultural basis but also due to its location. The country’s capital i.e., Istanbul connects the larger part of Asia Minor to the smaller European part of Turkey with two bridges. The currency of the country is Turkish Lira.

Know About the Best Places to Visit in Turkey

Often the visit to any country along with performing Umrah is for a limited time. It becomes difficult to visit and enjoy the tour if it’s not planned. We’ll share details about the top places to visit in Turkey so you can schedule your visit accordingly and save time and effort. These places include:

Hagia Sophia

This is one of the most sought out places in Turkey which holds a great historical vitality for both Muslims and Christians. Hagia Sophia was an imperial mosque as well as an Orthodox Greek cathedral, converted into a museum afterward. It turned into a mosque again in 2020 and resides on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Visitors can witness a massive dome considered to be a time-tested miracle of architecture. Other sites include the 19th-century souq of the tomb of Enrico Dandolo, The Deesis mosaic, The mosaic of Saint John Chrysostom, etc.


Cappadocia is a popular honeymoon destination situated in central Antalya and is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Tourists can ride the hot air balloon and take exquisite pictures among the rocky terrains. Newlyweds can opt for December Umrah packages customized with a visit to Turkey and enjoy the scenic settings of Cappadocia. The place also offers several old Greek villages, friaries, museums, handicraft markets, and rock castles to explore.

Topkapı Palace

Topkapi Palace is another popular site situated in Istanbul. This place used to be one of the most grand palaces of Sultans displaying the Ottoman’s influence. Today, it is one of the most popular museums where visitors can observe many interesting places and things. Visitors can see the Harem rooms and beautiful gardens, the Royal Treasury, a fine collection of paintings, etc. The Royal Council Building in the palace displays the past of the massive Ottoman Empire giving an insight to the visitors.

Pamukkale Thermal Pools

Traveling around any country can prove to be hectic especially if it coincides with the Umrah pilgrimage. Pilgrims traveling around Turkey, especially after performing Umrah can relax in the Pamukkale Thermal Pools. One of its kind, these thermal pools reside among the white chalky scenery loaded with minerals and by hot air springs. The warm pools are filled with healing water that can cure several diseases such as skin ailments, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, etc.

Dervish Raqs

Although Turkey offers several interesting places to visit and fun things to do, Dervish Raqs stands out as the most unique experience for tourists. Visitors can witness the Raqs or Sufi dance performed by individuals doing Sama and Dhikr as spiritual practices. Started by the 13th-century Sufi saint Rumi, the divine dance takes both the performers and observers to the spiritual realm. Travel today with Muslims Holy Travel by opting for December Umrah packages and February Umrah Packages 2024 and witness this majestic dance to uplift your soul.

Foods to Eat in Turkey

Any tour remains incomplete without tasting the local foods. Visitors can savor many tasty Turkish edibles like Kumpir, Menemen, Meze, etc. They can enjoy an assortment of food items on the Meze food platter like stuffed mussels, cheeses, seafood, salads, and beans with bread. Most people know turkey for its original tasty delights like Baklava and Kunefe. Tourists can savor a dessert pastry called Baklava, made with tiers of filo and filled with sliced walnuts and almonds. Made with tattered phyllo bread, Kunefe represents the original Turkish delight stuffed with cheese, pistachio nuts, and bread crumbs.

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