Top Yoga Poses To Tone Your Thighs

When it comes to your everyday activities, the legs are the most used muscles in your body. Whether you are walking, running, or sitting, your legs play a vital role in making these movements possible. Poor eating habits and lack of exercise can affect your day-to-day activities due to insufficient body mobility. Yoga poses are a game changer for the whole human body, which helps both your internal organs and your outer appearance.

If you are someone who is also living a sedentary lifestyle, then you will probably have a weakened lower body. Not only does prolonged sitting make your muscles weak, but it also piles up extra kilos in your thighs. But there is nothing to worry about when you have the opportunity to practice yoga. This low-impact exercise keeps your muscles in good shape by stretching them thoroughly.

Yoga is effective for various fitness goals, but if you are focused on your thighs, then keep reading. By the end of the article, you will have a deeper understanding of top yoga poses to tone your thighs.

4 Effective Yoga Poses to Practice for Toned Thighs

Practicing certain yoga poses that are focused on the legs and, specifically, the thighs will tone your muscles effectively. Incorporating these poses into your everyday routine will tone your thighs and improve stamina, energy, and flexibility. Toning and stretching your thighs with yoga will also reduce the risk of muscle injury.

Here are 4 yoga poses you can lean on to tone your thighs.

1. Garland Pose

Garland pose helps both with opening and stretching of the inner thighs and hips. It also alleviates the negative effects of prolonged sitting and relieves the accumulated tension within the muscles. Along with helping your thighs and hips, the pose also stretches your back, torso, ankles, and groins. It can also be practiced to tone your belly along with your thighs.

Start the pose in a standing tall position and keep the feet a little wider than your hip-width distance. Now, bring your hands in front of your body and keep them aligned with each other like you do while clapping. Then, use your bent arms to press your thighs open, and while doing this, squeeze your thighs inward. Stay in the pose for a few breaths.  This pose can be a challenge for beginners. Due to this, yogis prefer doing it at yoga studio Dubai under expert supervision.

2. Crescent Moon Pose

The pose is an excellent way to stretch the deeper muscle tissues in your inner thighs and groin area. Along with this, it also focuses on most of your leg muscles, including your ankles, hamstrings, knees, and various others. The deep stretch in the pose effectively strengthens your legs and leads to enhanced flexibility and mobility.

Stand on the ground, bend one of your knees in front of your body, and extend the other one behind. Keep the thigh of your leg behind your body lifted and your knee aligned with the floor. Keep your front knee bent at a 90-degree angle and extend your arms up toward the ceiling. Also, lift your spine upwards and bend your head slightly in the backward direction. Stay in the pose for at least 10 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

3. Bridge Pose

The pose effectively stretches your entire body, but it is very helpful when it comes to burning lower body fat. The pose stretches your hips and strengthens your glutes and hamstrings, which leads to toned thighs. Practicing this will keep your legs in good shape and relieve the accumulated tension within your thighs.

Start the pose by lying down on the floor with your knees bent and feet at a hip-width distance. Then, you need to press your feet on the ground and lift your hips. Keep both of your arms on the sides of your body. Also, lift your chest upwards and keep your back straightened. Focus on the pull in your glutes as you practice the pose. Stay in the pose for at least 30 – 40 seconds and breathe deeply.

4. Lizard Pose

Practicing a lizard will give a deep stretch to your hamstrings and quadriceps, and it also does great toning to your thighs. Making these muscles of your leg stronger will allow you to perform your every task with ease. This pose is great specifically for people who indulge in high-intensity sports that require great leg strength.

You can do a pose by sitting on the floor and then bringing your right foot next to your body. Then, lower your hips, keep your arms straightened, and make your palms facing the ground. Keep your spine lengthened and flat, and stay in the pose for at least 30 seconds. However, doing this at home with improper alignment can cause an injury. Therefore, you must head to the yoga studio and let professional instructors fix your pose alignment.

Are You Looking to Tone Your Thighs with Yoga?

Yoga can certainly tone your thighs and enhance your leg’s overall mobility and flexibility for a better range of motion. But practicing these poses with the wrong posture and alignment can rather damage your muscles. Feel free to book your class in a professional yoga studio to leverage expert guidance and reap maximum benefits.

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