Ways to Remove Lizards from Your Home

Lizards are the common household pests. They are mostly seen during summer. Though Lizards do not cause any harm to our health and property, their presence can be annoying, especially to those who are scared of reptiles. Fortunately, there are various methods to repel lizards from your home without causing them any harm. Here, in this article, we will explore different ways to keep lizards away from your home, making your home more comfortable.

Remove the Food Sources

Insects in your home attract lizards. Keep your home thoroughly clean. Make sure that there are no spiders, mosquitoes, and other small insects that lizards feed on.

Keep Your Home Cool

Keeping your home cool is a natural way to get rid of lizards with the best pest control in Bangalore. They are cold-blooded animals that are attracted to warm temperatures. A cool home will make it less attractive to them. You can install an Air Conditioner or an Air Cooler to keep your home cool.

Keep Pets at Home

You can also keep pets at your home, especially cats. Cats chase lizards and other insects, and they do not allow them to enter your home. Though they do not eat lizards, they will keep them at bay.

Seal Entry Points

Lizards enter your home through cracks, crevices, gaps, and holes in windows, doors, and walls. Make sure to seal these gaps with cement and caulk. Fix nets on doors and windows so that lizards do not enter your home through them.

Air Out Dark Spaces and Corners

Lizards like dark places, such as inside cabinets, behind doors, windows, and wardrobes. Make sure to clean and air out these places regularly so that lizards do not find them appealing.

Use Egg Shells

You can also place eggshells in random corners of the house. Lizards will get scared of seeing the eggshells, as if larger pests are approaching. They will leave the space as soon as they see eggshells.

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Use a Trap

Traps can be used to capture lizards. You can purchase a lizard trap from the market. There are glue traps available in the market. They work by sticking to the lizard’s feet, preventing it from moving.

Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls are a good lizard repellant. Place them strategically in areas where you see lizards moving in your house. They can’t take the strong smell of naphthalene balls and run away. Place a few balls below the sink and near the doors and windows. Make sure to keep them out of the reach of children and pets, as they may accidentally consume them.

Use a Broom

If you see a lizard in your home, you can use a broom to sweep it in a container or  drive it out of the door.

Citronella Spray

Citronella is a type of aromatic lemongrass. It has a strong smell that can repel lizards and other pests out of the house. Just spray it in different corners of the house, especially at the entry points.


The Sulphur content and strong smell of onions can repel lizards. Just cut a few slices of onions or mash them. Place them in areas where you see lizards moving frequently inside the house. Onions are an eco-friendly solution to the lizard problem.

Vinegar, Lemon, and chili Powder

Lizards do not take the smell of vinegar, and lemon and chili irritates them. You can create your lizard repellant spray yourself at home. Mix chili and black pepper with vinegar and water. Store it in a bottle and spray it on lizard-infested surfaces.

Peacock Feather

Though the peacock feather is not a lizard repellant, it may scare them, and they may leave the space. The smell of peacock feathers makes lizards anxious, as they find peacocks threatening.

Coffee Powder

Lizards have a dislike towards the strong aroma of coffee. Mix coffee powder in water and spray it in areas where you spot lizards in your house. You can also sprinkle some coffee powder in lizard-prone areas of your home to repel them.

Hire Professional Pest Control Services

If you are unable to ward off lizards from your house and all home remedies failed, then you must take professional assistance. They will assess the situation and provide you with the best method, tailored to your specific needs.

What Makes Lizards Enter Your Home?


Lizards invade your home in search of food. If you have mosquitoes, spiders, and other small insects in your home, lizards will be attracted to your home. When lizards do not find food inside the house, they find it less appealing and may leave your home.


Lizards seek shelter in trees, bushes, and other vegetation. If your home is near the woods, lizards can invade your home.


Lizards are cold-blooded pests, and they invade our homes to seek warmth. If your home is warm and sun-facing, lizards will seek shelter in your house.


Lizards need a source of water to survive. If your home is near the pond or lake or there is a humid environment in the house, lizards will be attracted to your home.


Dealing with lizards can be challenging, but using the right strategy, addressing the issue with compassion, and keeping a humane approach towards these pests can help you repel them out of your house. Remember that maintaining cleanliness, removing their food sources, sealing entry points, and using natural repellants can help lizards drive away from your house.

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