What Makes Colombia A Strategic Destination For Call Center Outsourcing

The globalization of BPO outsourcing services has led to new destinations challenging traditional Asian offshore locations, and Colombia is one such emerging destination. Colombia has become one of the most important global destinations for outsourcing call center operations. Kearney Consultancy ranked Colombia in third place in the 2021 Global Services Location Index, recognizing its prominent position in the BPO industry.

Colombia has become a top destination for businesses looking for exceptional customer experience management (CXM). The country’s emphasis on excellent customer service and a business-friendly environment has made it a preferred destination for companies seeking to improve their customer experience.

The call center in Colombia is one of the most promising outsourcing destinations in Latin America. Colombia’s strategic location, language skills, cost-effectiveness, modern infrastructure, political system stability, customer service culture, and diversity have made it an attractive destination for businesses worldwide who want to set up their call center operations in Latin America.

Key Attributes of Contact Centers in Colombia:

Prominent Market Position:

Colombia ranks as the fourth-largest call center and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market in Latin America, boasting a workforce exceeding 230,000 professionals and a market value of $2.80 billion.

Global Outsourcing Recognition:

Recognized among the top 10 outsourcing destinations worldwide by AT Kearney, a global management consulting firm, Colombia has established itself as a key player in the global outsourcing landscape.

Abundant Skilled Workforce:

Leveraging the third-largest labor force in Latin America, Colombia provides access to a vast pool of skilled and talented professionals, enhancing its appeal for outsourcing operations.

Strong Economic and Cultural Ties:

Colombia maintains robust economic and cultural ties with the United States. The country boasts excellent infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, reliable utilities, and advanced telephony systems, creating a conducive environment for contact center operations.

Strategic Location of Centers:

Contact center services in Colombia are strategically located in central business districts, university towns, and technical and commercial hubs nationwide, optimizing accessibility and operational efficiency.

Cost-Effective Outsourcing:

Outsourcing to Colombia presents a significant opportunity for cost savings, typically from 40% to 50%, compared to operating call centers in the United States, making it an economically attractive option for businesses.

Stringent Certification Standards:

Leading BPO service providers in Colombia adhere to stringent certification standards, including PCI, ISO, and HIPAA. This commitment ensures robust data security measures and strict compliance with regulatory requirements, instilling confidence in clients regarding protecting sensitive information.

So, what are the reasons that make Colombia such an excellent destination for outsourcing customer experience management? Let us have a better understanding of the popularity of Colombia call center outsourcing.

Skilled and Customer-Focused Workforce:

Colombia’s prominence in customer experience management is rooted in its workforce’s exceptional skills and customer-centric approach. Colombian professionals are renowned for their adept communication, meticulous attention to detail, and proficiency in English. The country’s businesses prioritize customer service excellence, fostering a culture of exceptional customer experience management. Furthermore, Colombia offers call center services in various languages, including Spanish call center services. Which can provide quality customer support and improve your business’s reputation.

Favorable Business Climate:

Colombia’s favorable business climate amplifies its attractiveness for customer experience management. Characterized by a stable political environment, a robust economy, and a government supportive of foreign investment, the country facilitates a conducive atmosphere for business operations. Numerous free trade agreements with countries worldwide further establish Colombia as a hub for business and commerce in Latin America.

Cultural Alignment:

Colombia’s cultural alignment with the United States is crucial to its appeal for customer experience management. Colombian workers are well-acquainted with American culture and customs, enabling them to provide exceptional customer experiences to American clients seamlessly. Additionally, Colombia’s time zone, just one or two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States, simplifies scheduling customer service and experience operations during regular U.S. business hours.

Multilingual Capabilities:

Colombia offers call center services in multiple languages, including English and French. With around 8,000 individuals certified to speak French, the country provides a diverse linguistic capability. Allowing businesses to cater to a broader international clientele.

Competitive Pricing:

Colombia’s cost competitiveness reinforces its standing as a top destination for customer experience management. Lower labor costs compared to many other countries enable businesses to save costs with Colombia call center outsourcing. By offering customer service and experience operations in Colombia. The lower cost of living in the country also allows businesses to offer competitive salaries to their customer service. And also experienced staff, striking a balance between quality service and cost efficiency.

Robust Infrastructure and Technology:

Colombia has invested in modern infrastructure and technology, providing a reliable and efficient environment for call center operations. The country’s commitment to technological advancements ensures businesses can leverage state-of-the-art tools and systems for outsourcing needs.

Geographic Proximity:

Proximity to the United States geographically allows for easier business operations and collaboration. The one or two-hour time difference with Eastern Standard Time facilitates smoother communication and coordination during regular U.S. business hours.


Colombia emerges as a premier destination for customer experience management, supported by its skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, favorable business climate, cultural alignment with the U.S., and competitive pricing. Businesses opting for call centers in Colombia benefit from outstanding customer experiences, cost-effectiveness, and a highly efficient workforce. As the significance of customer experience continues to grow, Colombia call center outsourcing is becoming a common strategy for businesses seeking a competitive edge. The numerous advantages solidify Colombia’s position as a preferred destination for exceptional customer experience management.

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