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6 Best Practices for TikTok Account Optimization

Indeed, TikTok offers countless opportunities for many brands, individuals, influencers, etc, to grow their identity. Even if your content sounds great and entertaining, if your profile looks messy, it definitely affects your account reputation. That leads to not building a strong presence on the platform. 

To deter such instances, we’ve got you covered! Let’s begin! Since TikTok provides only 80 characters, you need to make every character count. For that, you can take advantage of the Free word count checker and quantify the characters to bring out the best. 

Are you ready to explore further? 


Choose the Right Profile Name


Since your username is displayed everywhere, you must be highly meticulous while choosing it. So, the first and foremost step is to pick the right profile name for your account. It must exactly reflect what you do. 

Plus, it must be catchy to easily grab the audience’s attention. Of course, you can use the brand name as your profile name. Ensure the name is quickly graspable and lives long in the audience’s mind.  


Select an Eye-Grabbing Profile Picture


A picture is worth a thousand words! Then your TikTok profile picture is worth more than that! Small but mighty, the power of profile pictures cannot be underestimated. Hence, choose an attention-grabbing picture to pique the audience’s interest. 

Well, you can utilize your brand’s logo to make a mark in the audience’s memory. Keep in mind that TikTok’s optimum profile size is 200X200 pixels, and ensure your profile picture satisfies.  


Add Emojis in the Bio

Adding emojis to your bio helps you emphasize a point and improves the appeal. Further, it highlights your brand/personality value without taking up much space in the bio. So you can convey messages without worrying about the character limit. 

Additionally, it makes the context fun and engaging. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to spam with too many emojis. Be mindful when you are using it to get the fullest benefits. 


Include a CTA

A call to action is way more important than you think! CTA’s encourage the audience to take the desired action. Therefore, you must be exceedingly cautious while adding it. Imagine you are a photographer; if you want to turn the visitor into your customer, add a bio like “Book here for 📷” that makes them make an appointment online. 

This is just a simple example; you can customize it accordingly. Remember, it must be persuasive and entice the audience to perform action. 


Attach a Link to Your Bio

As TikTok gives you one clickable URL, make the most out of it. So, think twice before choosing the URL, as it is a crucial ticket to serious optimization. Of course, you can change them whenever you want. 

But when you add a URL to your bio, it is visible to everyone, right? Hence, you must be excessively prudent while including it. Well, you can add the website URL, shoppable link, other social media handles, etc, to drive traffic.


Add a Captivating Description

Here comes the saving grace! It’s time to steal the people’s attention with a captivating bio. Owing to the fact that TikTok’s limitation is 80 characters, think critically about the words you use. Most importantly, use keywords that are related to your niche. 

Rather than dragging, get to the point. So, keep your bio super short and simple, and make each character count. To make it a breeze, harness the power of the checkwordcounter and check the number of characters without a hitch. 


What Is a Checkwordcounter?

The checkwordwordcounter is a free word counter online tool that allows you to check the word, character, sentence, and paragraph count in a wink! The tipping point is you can also know the character count without spaces. Sounds cool, right? Another exciting part is the tool is completely free to use, and you don’t have to disclose any sensitive information to get started. 


How to use the Checkwordcounter? 

Step 1: The initial step is to select the content you want to check. 

Step 2: Next, open the website and paste the text in the checker space. 

Step 3: There you have it! The results will be displayed in a flash!


Why Should You Use the Checkwordcounter?


100% Accurate results 

User-oriented interface

Instant results 

Entirely free to use

100% Safe and secure process


The Bottom Line

So, you see, optimizing your TikTok account is as easy as ABC! But it requires attention to detail, effort, and time. By implementing the listed best practices, you can optimize your account to the fullest. Hence, start hunting for the right profile name and choose an eye-grabbing profile picture to seize your audience’s attentionPlus, add emoticons to emphasize action and include a compelling CTA to make your audience perform an intended action. Additionally, attach a URL to drive traffic. Importantly, add a captivating intro and witness what difference it can make.


So, why are you waiting here? Go ahead & optimize your profile to the fullest.

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