9 Email Marketing Tips: Take Action Now!

Are you sending emails and ending up with no response? Or, do your emails get opened but just to get deleted by the clients? Are your emails and marketing ineffective? 

It can be quite stressful to come across situations like these even when you’re giving your 101% in crafting emails and managing everything. 

Let’s get to the rough but true side. Lack of understanding of email marketing and crisp tips would eventually lead you to not get responses you’re looking for. You need to apply the right strategies to make it all work.

But when we’re here, thinking work is ours, yours is just getting tips and applying them quickly. This is something like a cheat code to go ahead quickly and effectively.

But even when you get this, don’t forget, the more you try to be creative and test everything out, you’re going to get more ahead. So, start out with these tips and move ahead with more of what you come up with next! 

Email Marketing Tips

The very first step toward email marketing tips is to understand emails. More than 80 percent of businesses and brands use email marketing as their sole source of sales and engagement. More than 70 percent of people in the world look up their emails to find new updates, discounts, offers and crisp stories to read about. 

Both brands and audiences are active on emails. And to go with the rule, you should be where your audience is. You need to follow your audience, your audience isn’t going to follow you. Now, you know how great and important it is to be good at this?

Let’s come to the tips and know more – 

Personalize Your Email 

We’ve all read before, at different places and platforms that personalization is just like performing magic on a specific person. If you don’t take the name, the magic will just vanish.

Look at the image below how it is crafted – (insert an image of a personalized email)

Why is this a great email? How is it personalized? Let’s see how

  • It consists of your target’s name (your audience).
  • It includes the sender’s name too.

You know how important it is to take your audience’s name, the same way telling them who they’re listening to is important too.

What else can you do to make your email personalized –

  • Already know, take their name.
  • Tell them your name. (A way of introduction)
  • Send them Birthday Emails! 

Most people don’t get birthday wishes if they’re introverted. Send them Birthday Emails and offer them a discount! 

  • Send them content according to their preferences. Would you open an email all about mathematics when you’re a person who loves art, no. Understand the importance of relevance.


Know your audience! Get to know where your audience belongs from. Get to know if the offers you’re giving to them are actually accessible and available at their place.

Or, let’s say, for example, you’re a food website. You provide every type of food like Indian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese etc. 

Suppose, someone in your audience is from Italy but you don’t know they are from Italy. You sent them an email regarding the Italian foods one day, and great discounts. Next day, you sent them an offer about Indian Food and related discounts. You told them things in detail and how it is diverse from other types of foods.

Which one do you think is going to get a click and actual sale? I think Indian Food. Why? Because it’s new for them + there’s a discount, so they can try it out at a low price.

Now, you might have understood why knowing your audience’s background is important. Here, we just talked about their location. You can consider following things –

  • Know their place; location.
  • Know their background, the beliefs, culture, religion.
  • Know their needs and preferences.
  • Know the stage of information your audience has. Not everyone is on the same page, someone is ahead, and someone at the back. Give them content according to their stage.


Just like optimization is important for your website to be easy for your audience to handle and rank at top, optimization of emails is important too.

When your website is optimized, your audience stops by and reads. It even helps you rank on search engines.

Similarly, when emails are optimized for mobile phones, your audience finds it easy to access and read through the email + they’re likely to stop by and read. It helps you gain success in email marketing too. Look at this – (insert an email or screenshot of email on mobile phone)


  • Most of your audience uses mobile phones. Use templates that can be optimized for mobile phones as well as for laptops and desktops.

Subject Lines 

While watching movies, you might have come across scenes like, “love at first sight”. Same way, make it a goal to achieve, “click at first sight”. 

How can you achieve it? With the help of Subject Lines. That’s the first thing that your audience looks at when you send them an email.

  • Make your subject line fit the screen; make them short.
  • Make your subject line catchy – include some indigestible phrases.
  • Use Emojis to show emotions.
  • Look at our guide to subject lines here ( to cook crisp subject lines.

Offers and Call To Actions 

What do you love when you’re buying something? Discounts! 

Your audience is just like you, they like things that they can benefit from.

  • Give them offers and discounts.

But, will you take action until it’s required or someone tells you to? No. Include call to action phrases in your emails.

For example,

  • Ask them to sign-up for an interesting offer!
  • Ask them to visit your website or make a small purchase to gain a large profit from.
  • Ask them to act, to reply, to click or to reach out to others.
  • Ask them to share it among others for rewards.

(Include an emails as an example of urgent email)

But remember, don’t overdo or underdo it. Overdoing it may make the audience think of you as spam. Under-doing can make them lose interest.

Keep giving them offers and CTAs at intervals of times, special occasions and at particular need.

Also, create a situation of urgency. Tell them that it is limited, or just for a specific time limit. This makes them act faster.


We all get fascinated by images. Images that are colorful, interesting and compelling do get attention. 

Entertain your audience with great images. You are professional all the time, win their hearts with humor too. Give them a reason to come back to you other than just for professional work.

Visuals like

  • Meme
  • Cute images
  • Tips
  • Educational
  • Exciting or new information

(Insert an interesting image one can send in an email)

Can win your audience’s hearts and make them come back for more regularly.

Give Them A Proof

Let’s imagine, you went to an interview for a job you applied for. You told them your educational background, your skills, and how much experience you have. But when they asked for your portfolio, you didn’t have any. Will you get the job? No.

People do frauds, or face frauds at this point of their life. They search for proof, or say, a way to trust you or something to trust you with.

With this case, how can you expect your audience to trust you just with some content? Anyone can write and send an email, how are you different from them?

Show them a proof. Show them your growth, your services and even how you benefit others with your service. To make them take action, maybe provide something small for free, just to make them sure of the process.

  • Show them numbers. You subscribers, the one you provided services to and the ones who came back to you for more.
  • Show them your achievements
  • Show them your journey from zero to the current stage.


Once you’ve crafted emails, test them. Without giving a test, you don’t even get to go to the next class in school. How can you expect to gain success without testing your emails?

Here’s how you can test-

  • Use an Online Tester. 
  • Use A/B testing
  • Compare the reports of how and which emails got the most clicks.
  • Test with different formats, lengths and words.

The more you test, the better results are going to be yours. It’s a win-win.

Monitor Your Performance

You’ve crafted emails, designed them according to your audience, you even tested your emails and sent them to the audience. Now? Don’t you want to look at your report card? 

After sending out the emails, track them. See –

  • Click through rates
  • Open rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Issues others are facing

Tracking your emails helps you know where you’re lacking and what you’re getting success at. This way, you’re able to get better in the future and grow more.


Now you know all the tips. But remember, these aren’t the end of the marketing. There are more tips; the tips you’re going to come up with once you’re familiar with email marketing strategy.

It’s important to connect, personalize and prioritize your audience. It is important to introduce yourself as well. 

Everything is a process. You need to trust it and be consistent.

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