Why the Bajaj Pulsar 220 is the Hottest Bike of the Decade

Bajaj Pulsar 220

The Pulsar 220 is still available from Bajaj Auto. Back in the day, Bajaj used to offer the bike in two variants. They are a naked commuter version and a semi-faired version. Currently, the bike is offered in just one trim – the semi-faired street fighter iteration.

The Pulsar 220 has all the aspects needed in a city commuter bike. The 220 F also satiates the needs of rural riders as well. The 220 F also doubles up as a perfect touring bike thanks to its impressive mileage and large capacity fuel tank.

Several other aspects of the 220 F make this bike the hottest motorcycle of the decade. Some of those aspects will be discussed in the sections below.


The latest iteration of the Pulsar 220 F comes with a single-cylinder 220 CC engine. The engine is fuel-injected, liquid-cooled and conforms to the BS-6 emission norms. The engine also boasts Bajaj’s DTS-i and ExhausTec technologies. The latest iteration of the 220 F’s engine produces a peak power of 21bhp and 19Nm of peak torque. The engine is mated to a 5-speed gearbox and a wet multiplate clutch. The power delivery of the engine is linear.


The overall packaging of the Pulsar 220 F looks like the following.

The front suspension is a traditional telescopic fork unit. The rear suspensions are two traditional spring-over-damper shock absorbers. Each rear shock absorber also comes equipped with gas/hydraulic fluid reservoirs. The purpose of these gas/liquid reservoirs is to offer the rear wheel additional dampening. 

Bajaj offers the 220 F with a single front and a single rear disc brake. The disc braking system of the 220 F works in tandem with a single-channel ABS.

The motorcycle comes from the factory with 17-inch alloy wheels. The front alloy wheel is wrapped in a 90/90 profile tyre. The rear alloy wheel is wrapped in a 120/80 profile tyre.

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The long wheelbase of the bike allowed Bajaj engineers to equip the bike with spacious, contoured and well-padded split seats. The split seats are installed in a step-up manner.

The bike boasts halogen DRLs, halogen turn indicators, halogen headlamp, illuminated switchgears and side stand alarm. The bike also comes with a backlit semi-digital instrument cluster, gearshift light etc.


The latest iteration of the 220 F is offered by Bajaj with an ex-showroom price of Rs. 1, 38,157. Getting a loan for this bike is also easy. Almost all lenders offer 0 down payment for bike loan schemes. However, experts advise buyers to go for a generic bike loan in a bid to enjoy low EMIs and manageable interest rates. 


The Pulsar 220 F handles similar to the legendary Pulsar 150. The reason is simple. The chassis of the 220 F is more or less the same chassis of the Pulsar 150. The difference lies in the fact that the chassis of the 220 F has been reinforced to handle the additional weight of the heavy 220 CC engine. Furthermore, the rear swingarm of the 220 F is also tweaked to handle the heavy rear wheel of the bike. 

On top of this, the suspension setting of the 220 F has also been set on the medium hard setting. This is done to ensure that the bike’s suspensions do not bottom out on rough roads. At the same time, the medium hard setting of the bike’s suspension also ensures the bike’s wheels do not lose traction. At high speeds, if the bike hits a pothole, the medium-hard suspensions will revert to their original position quickly. This will prevent the bike from losing traction and causing an accident. In straight lines and on corners, the bike remains stable and lets riders ride the bike enthusiastically. 


Bajaj motorcycles are durable. The indigenous motorcycle manufacturer also has a penchant for making good-looking and fuel-efficient bikes. But it is also a fact that Bajaj also makes motorcycles that are rider-friendly as well as comfortable. All these attributes apply to the latest iteration of the Pulsar 220 F. The riding triangle of the 220 F is ergonomic. The seat angle and the handlebar height are perfect to keep the rider in a comfortable stance. The shape of the muscular fuel tank is also responsible for providing ample inner thigh support to the rider. In simple words, the 220 F is a very comfortable bike whether one is riding to work or Amritsar!

For more details, please test-ride the Pulsar 220 F at the nearest Bajaj bike dealership.

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